Fine Art Prints

Printed and signed by George Lepp

Any of the images on George Lepp's website are available for purchase as fine art archival prints, printed by Mr.  Lepp and signed. The prints are available on Fine Art Heavy Weight Semi-Gloss, Fine Art Watercolor, or Fine Art Canvas.

Need New Photo

Need New Photo

The Following Sizes are available:

Image on the print material is printed to the dimensions of the original file with additional white space around the image area. The signature is within the print area to allow matting or below the image on the matte is requested. Canvas images will be printed as close to the edges as possible for wrapping by your framer. These prints are in limited numbers because Mr. Lepp only signs prints he has personal made.

image on 8.5x11 material        $15

 image on 13x19 material          $25

 image on 17x22 material         $45

 image on 24x30 material        $75

 image on 34x44 material         $150

 image on 42x62 material         $300

Panoramas are priced at $20 per square foot  (example - 16x40 pano = $89) 

Please add shipping to your order in the following amounts: