Stills from Video: 4K Video Frame Grabs Canon Learning Center

A tutorial on capturing and isolating 4K video frames from the hundreds to thousands of frames captured at 30 and 60 frames per second. Go to:

A California quail image captured using an EOS-1D X MK II camera at 60 frames per second. A 25 MB file that makes excellent prints to 17x20 inches

A California quail image captured using an EOS-1D X MK II camera at 60 frames per second. A 25 MB file that makes excellent prints to 17x20 inches


George Lepp and Kathryn Vincent Lepp have a 16 page article on macro stacking in the Summer issue of c't Digital Photography. You can get more information on the magazine by going to to c't Digital Photography.

Macro Flash Systems Demystified!

Ready to get serious about macro photography? George and Kathryn discuss the macro flash setups available from several manufacturers in an article from the May 2012 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

Test Your Lens for Sharpness

Here's how to evaluate the sharpness of your lenses. See George and Kathy's article on lens testing called The Certainty of Sharpness. Read the article here in OP

Exploring the Gigascape

Learn how to create images of amazingly high resolution with Gigapan software. See George and Kathy's article in the Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

Creating a Faux Mat

Here's an inexpensive, elegant look for your prints. You can create a realistic-looking double mat effect in Photoshop! In this article, "Displaying your Prints: Constructing a Stroke and Faux Mat in Photoshop," George tells you how.

Action Sequence Panoramas

Capture time and space in a single image. By using your continuous capture mode and following the subject a panorama with the subject in different attitudes can be the result.

See George's how-to article at Outdoor Photographer's great web site!.

Action Sequence Panorama of a young baboon

Capture the Gigascape

See the possibilities for super-high-resolution images in George and Kathy's December 2011 article updating techniques and technology at Outdoor Photographer's web site.

Stock Images

You can view thousands of George Lepp images at the agencies that represent his work. Search on his name at Getty Images

Kansas Sunflowers

Canon Explorers of Light 

See a gallery of beautiful images by George Lepp and other top photographers at the Canon site,, and check out the Sponsored Events calendar for Canon-sponsored educational programs in your area!

Outdoor Photographer Tech Tips On Line

See the latest "Tech Tips" column at, and look for excerpts from previous columns under the "How To" menu at Outdoor Photographer's website.

Unlimited Depth of Field for Nature and Outdoor Subjects

See George and Kathy's article on Helicon Focus in the July 2008 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and learn how to achieve unlimited depth of field in your photography, from macro to landscape! Go to

Eagle Eyes: A Natural History Project

George's 2013 eagle-nest project is published in Outdoor Photographer's April 2014 issue. 

Bald eagle feeding 2-week old eaglets